Teresa Susmaras Provides Specialized Neuropsychological Care

Teresa Susmaras works today as a neuropsychologist at a major healthcare organization in the Midwest.  Her medical specialty has required many years of study in brain functioning and structure in connection to behavior and process related to the psychology of humans.  Practitioners of neuropsychology like Teresa Susmaras aim to make diagnoses in patients who suffer from behavioral patterns related to the function of the brain.  The ultimate goal is to provide or refer patients for treatment of their impairments in reasoning, thinking or ability to remember and behavioral problems which may result.   Patients may come to Dr. Susmaras as a result of referrals for behavioral and cognitive dysfunction, and her field of neuropsychology, though experimental in the field of psychology, may come closer than any other to assisting the patient in understanding how their brain is connected to their impairments, and what sorts of therapy and care can improve their suffering.

This combined specialty, which combines the doctor’s studies in the physiology of the body’s nervous system with academic understanding of the functions of the mind as they relate to behavior, is involved with research and diagnosis in the correlation between the two.  Teresa Susmaras shares with her fellow neuropsychologists an interest in research in the university setting or research institutions, as well as work evaluating and caring for patients.  Dr. Susmaras can act as an advisor and expert in the development of products related to the field, especially trials and research for new pharmaceuticals which may affect cognitive function.