Teresa Susmaras – Rush University Medical Center Top Teaching Hospital

Teresa Susmaras completed her residency at Rush University Medical Center, an academic medical facility, which offers hospital care for adults and children and a rehabilitation facility for those transitioning back to health. Associated with Rush University, the RU Med Center is a not-for-profit institution for health care, education and research. The Rush Oak Park Hospital, Rush Health, Rush University, and Rush University Medical Center are contained within the facility. Rush was one of the first medical colleges in the Midwest, and today includes a nursing college and graduate study in allied health, health systems and biomedical research. Rush offers 70 fellowship programs in medical and surgical specialties.

Rush University Medical Center, where Teresa Susmaras worked her residency, provides a Level II trauma center and tertiary care, with 676 beds. Rush Medical College was actually chartered two days before the city of Chicago, where it is located, was chartered. It opened with 22 students in 1843. It is named for the only physician to sign the Declaration of Independence, and was founded by Dr. Daniel Brainard. In 1843 and the years after, the facility was famed across the early frontier of America for medical expertise, patient care, research, teaching and new clinical procedures. Rush became involved with other new institutions like St. Luke’s Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital, and the University of Chicago, the last of which united with Rush from 1898 to 1942.

Rush ceased the education of undergraduates in the 1940’s, although the faculty continued to teach at the University of Illinois School of Medicine. In 1969, Rush Medical College merged with Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Hospital, to become the Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, where Teresa Susmaras pursued her residency.